Aaron Regunberg expresses clear disdain for the First Amendment while spreading vile lies about his former colleague.

Aaron Regunberg continues his assault on freedom of speech and expression recently by jumping on the leftist bandwagon to take cheap shots at one of the few representatives in Rhode Island willing to stand for American values.  As any person who lusts after the power to control others through the initiation of force if they step out of line, Regunberg uses exactly zero proof to call for the resignation of Representative Justin Price.

How obtuse can one be to state Representative Price’s “actions this week go beyond political disagreements” while at the same time asserting with absolutely no proof that Rep. Price, “took part in the events leading up to the assault” and “actively spread conspiracy theories that represent an ongoing threat to our democracy.”

Again Aaron Regunberg proves he is, morally, a complete hypocrite.

These statements are the same tactics Nazis and Soviets used to stifle criticism and force conformity.  All citizens of Rhode Island should be shaken to their core at this completely unfounded attack against any person, regardless whether they hold office or not and regardless of their political party.

Aaron Regunberg, staunch advocate of destroying your right to defend yourself against the type of government he adores and anyone willing to bring harm to you and your property, must be stopped at the ballot box.  Regunberg has every right to espouse any ignorant and un-American view he wishes, but we as citizens do not have to accept it nor allow him to use it to impose his corrupt value system upon us and our families.

Read his email blast and decide for yourself:

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