Social media abuzz regarding a riot at Providence Place Mall 11PM tonight – Rhody Report Exclusive

Live stream lost – check back for updates

12:15AM Update: Capital Grill, police forming a line.

Midnight update: Little activity around Providence Place Mall, possibly a hoax or large police presence shut it down.

The Rhody Report received multiple reports of a planned riot with an intent to loot the Providence Place Mall this evening, June 1 2020. An image being circulated throughout social media includes vulgar and racist language asking “soooo who poppin out lmk” followed by “Prov Mall Tonight 11:00 PM” and “We in there at 10PM” and finally an ominous “It’s happening” at the bottom of the notice seen here:

At 3:20 PM today this tweet went out as well:

Reports of this can also be found on Facebook posts, with some citizens expressing concern for the safety of those who may be caught in the crossfire:

Other reports are found here and here.

All citizens of Providence regardless of their race, creed, ethnicity, and sexual orientation should prepare for the worst this evening while we all hope for the best. Please be careful if you are in the city this evening if in the event this takes place.