Deep into the Rhode Island Rumor Mill: Non-tweeted, Unconfirmed Reports from the RI Grapevine

9/28/21: Resident response to prior post regarding disturbing incident on South Angell –

“I reported this to the police but I think people should know what happened to me this morning. I was meeting a friend to walk our dogs at the park behind Patterson park. I parked on South Angell Street near the entrance to the wooded area behind Patterson Park. As I was getting out of my car I man was coming out of the part of the park on the north side of South Angell and started to cross heading towards me. As soon as I got my dog out of the car he abruptly turned and walked into the entrance on the south side. I met my friend and told her this, so we walked around the park along Park Side road. Eventually we crossed over to the park behind Patterson where the dogs can run. When we came back out I saw on my windshield the guy’s (I’m assuming it was the same man) underwear filled with feces. Quite gross. I am concerned because Lincoln school and Patterson playground are there and it’s not good to have violently mentally people in that area.” 

1/10/21: Trump invoked the Insurrection Act, thousands of military at the DC Capitol, Pelosi on a plane to Mexico, swamp about to be drained

12/27/20: For anyone in RI that didn’t know, and now that these bars and other places are opening up, Trinity Brewhouse and Hot Bar are owned by gun grabbing tyrant Josh Miller. Vote with your dollars accordingly.

12/12/20: Why was a big box truck with ‘Teamsters Driving School’ parked and loaded at the lower door of the state house last week? Raimondo even came out for a photo-op.


12/4/20 – The biggest real estate sale in RI history is taking place . . .

12/5/20 – Local South Kingstown Hotels fill up with URI Covid cases

This is #ANTIFA plans the day after elections:

October 20, 2020:  A plan to “change the rules so that the Governor can appoint herself once Jack Reed announces his retirement as he was influenced to run another term. The plan is to keep the position as democrat once Reed retires, joining the large campaign battle funds of each and she can hold the Senate seat instead of running with large unfavorable polling numbers.”

October 14, 2020: Our Revolution Chair and Colorado Dem Party Exec “It’s truly killing random Nazis in the street”


August 17, 2020: Rumors of people noticing more vandalism; mailboxes and car windshields being smashed overnight throughout Rhode Island.

August 6, 2020: Son of Rep. Anastasia Williams, a nepotism hire, tested positive for COVID-19 causing the second shutdown at the State House.

July 8, 2020: Jesse Ousley (Martin) Gay Hispanic American from Providence, RI and Westport MA Killed For Trump Hat:

Here is Jesse’s obituary:

More proof:

July 3, 2020: Hearing fireworks every night? Deep rumor of 4th of July assault on suburban America under the cover of fireworks. Antifa/BLM testing if police will respond to fireworks and if so, how long it takes for them to respond.

June 2, 2020: NOT AGAIN! Another Rhody Report exclusive: Sources which accurately alerted Rhody Report of riots at Providence Place Mall state Garden City Cranston and/or Warwick Mall is next, tonight June 2nd

June 1, 2020: DrudgeReportRI Exclusive: Social media abuzz – Protest TONIGHT in Providence Rhode Island

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