Hopkinton Republican Town Committee Chair Show REAL Courage & Stands Firm Against Linda Lyall of the Chariho School Committee

Scott Bill Hirst, the newest Rhode Islander and true American to stand firm against the egregious attempts by Rhode Island school committees to obfuscate, lie, and impose massive barriers between parents, the public, and their alleged attempts to indoctrinate children into their race-based curriculum.

Ms. Linda D Lyall, chairperson of the Chariho School Committee, as well as the other members apparently have “many other issues to attend to. (sic)” making it impossible for the school committee to even consider the two resolutions Mr. Hirst requested that related to the teaching of critical race theory in the Chariho public schools.

The arrogance of Lyall is shocking. Hirst describes her response as “absurd” and makes the wholly accurate point that, “You and most of your colleagues are among the reasons the public has a dim view of it as a body.” Hirst is 100% on point, and Lyall and the entire Chariho School Committee should be ashamed of themselves.

Read the exchange and decide for yourself. As you review this exchange, note as well how many local news outlets are included in Mr. Hirst’s response and then search for those “news” outlets that actually make this exchange public. Upon finding none, understand the necessity of the Rhody Report and our efforts to combat the propaganda pipeline that infiltrates all of our local “news” outlets: