Leaked Aaron Regunberg Email: Utter Hypocrisy Cloaked in “Yesterday’s Treason”


On January 7th in a stunning display of hypocrisy and ignorance, aspiring Lieutenant Governor Aaron Regunberg calls Trump supporting patriots “violent, right-wing” extremists. His deafening silence during months of violence by Marxist organizations in his own state capitol of Providence Rhode Island, and without a concern at all for the mountain of evidence showing Trump supporters attempting to stop the destruction by Antifa thugs, Regunberg uses the tragic events of this week for political gain.

Regunberg, a proud advocate for disarming the citizenry and empowering government to control people’s lives from birth to death, simplemindedly asked “. . . will they [Trump supporters] side with fascism?”

This is rather ironic, coming from a former representative who clearly does not understand how fascism was empowered to murder millions of people who reportedly encompass his own family heritage. A sad commentary on the ignorance that surrounds much of Regunberg’s generation.

Read the email and decide for yourself:

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