Meet Your Overlords Series Part II: Seth Magaziner – powered by Rhody Report

Seth Magaziner is counting your money, literally. As Rhode Island’s General Treasurer, it is his job to be a watchdog over the financial health of Rhode Island. Every dollar that comes into the state was extracted from the pockets of hard working residents, mostly through sales taxes or by leeching off of the backs of Rhode Island’s working class via income taxes.

Seth is so adept at accumulating wealth, he made his first million dollars before he was even born. As the 37-year old son of Ira Magaziner, Seth is accustomed to hobnobbing with the power elites, and like all elites, he believes he can run our lives better than we can.

Many readers may recall Ira Magaziner’s mention over the past year when it was revealed Ira, Seth’s father, was found to have made multiple trips as a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s reportedly foul and perverted personal plane to countries in which human trafficking is not unusual, such as Africa and China.

According to a local news source, Seth Magaziner’s father repeatedly flew on Epstein’s jets and even his personal phone number and private email were in Epstein’s records.

Clearly, this was of no concern to Governor Raimondo or any of the Democrat establishment in Rhode Island. Truly disgusting.

Magaziner and Point Judith Capital

Seth got his start at the little kids table at Point Judith Capital. Yes, the same Point Judith Capital run by one Gina Marie Raimondo. This is where Raimondo groomed her protegee to follow her as General Treasurer. All the while, Raimondo continued to build her fundraising machine, move into the Governorship, and nurture her national image. This two-step would put Seth in position to camouflage the mess left behind after the pension reform hijinks.

Magaziner and the Clinton Raimondo Connection

In turn, Seth could leverage his family connections and help plug Raimondo into the Wall Street goons backing the Hillary Clinton campaign. It wouldn’t take long for Raimondo to graft her own imprint onto the monied elite. As long as Seth covered her flank, he would find it would be smooth sailing for himself.

Defeating Frank Caprio in the 2014 primary, and in the process blocking experienced, competent, and centrist leadership, ended any chance of an honest review of Raimondo’s efforts as Treasurer. The Raimondo-Magaziner duo provided the finishing blow to the Caprio political dynasty. This was the conclusion to the Clinton diss of Caprio as the party’s nominee for Governor in 2010.

Rewarding Cronies

As General Treasurer, Seth created and leveraged his new infrastructure bank to direct funding to ‘green initiatives.’ This allowed him to use your money on high visibility feel-good projects, and, at the same time direct the money to businesses friendly to the treasurer. With the appointment to lead the School Building Taskforce, Raimondo again, put Seth in a position to reward his union supporters.

The ‘crumbling infrastructure’ that Seth was to address was the same infrastructure that his cronies had let decay. Maintenance and capital funding had been diverted to salaries and benefits. Seth’s task force provided a two BILLION dollar bailout for those that were ‘in the family.’

Early Years

Ira provided the silver spoon in little Seth’s mouth. Seth, who also attended Brown University, was an early witness to identity politics, class envy, and channeling the power of the unwashed masses.

Dad was also an architect of the ‘greenhouse compact’ that attempted to cripple the Rhode Island energy industry. While Ira’s scheme failed at the ballot box, Seth was able to find a way to deliver on the promise without the interference of the voters.

Seth is entitled, elite, and has already had a taste of power. He is ambitious and uses his perch to generate the money and visibility to continue to accumulate wealth and prestige. While he is still ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ his father continues to provide guidance. With a lifetime of political knife-fighting, Ira is determined to continue his multi-generational plan to ‘fight the man’ by becoming the man – even if it is through his son.

Meet your overlord – Seth Magaziner.

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