Paul Lebon, Embarrassment to Journalism: More Proof Rhode Island Leftists are Militant & Unhinged, Will the Rhode Island Wave Avenge Stenhouse?

The Rhody Report has received further details on our exclusive report regarding threats of violence against Mike Stenhouse, former Red Sox player and CEO of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity.  It has been confirmed that the perpetrator of the threats is in fact Paul LeBon, and in a shocking revelation he works for The Rhode Island Wave as the Managing Editor.

Excerpts from his second unhinged email sent today, April 20th to Stenhouse reads as follows:

“You rant on about ‘political supremacists’ but you are the personification of that term, with a dash of white supremacist. The title of your column – In The Dugout – is a canard. People turn to it expecting to read about baseball and become victims of bait and switch reading your hateful diatribes. Your Echo column title ‘In The Warning Track’ was closer to accurate.”

“There are other outlets for your vitriol – I suggest the racist right wing site ‘The American Thinker’ – you could have a national audience.

“Your screeds will no longer darken the pages of The Rhode Island Wave. You are no longer welcome to submit content. “

Note this is a mild tantrum in comparison to Lebon’s prior email to the Rhody Report in which he threatened that Stenhouse “deserves to be beaten with a lead pipe.”

THIS is why the Rhody Report exists.  THIS is why the Establishment media must be confronted in the marketplace of ideas. 

This clearly violent, adult child must be removed from his position as managing editor for the Rhode Island Wave, or they are clearly complicit in his violent, deranged, and dangerous disposition.

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