Report: State & Municipal COVID Relief Funds Spending Recommendations and Guidelines

Recommendations & Guidelines for Spending Covid Relief Funds
Supplemental Educational Support Should be Top State & Local Priority

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Providence, RI – While there’s still no such thing as a “free lunch,” every state and municipality in America will soon receive billions and millions in what many perceive as “free federal money.” Recommended guidelines and spending priorities for these COVID relief funds were put forth in a new report today by the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity

The list of common-sense spending ideas for state and local governments ranges from the Center’s top-suggestion to provide parents with scholarships to fund supplemental learning aids for children who have been set-back by long periods of distance learning … to a more cynical suggestion to fund the printing and distributing copies of the RI and US Constitutions to every elected official and government employee. 

The report, How the Ocean State Should Spend Its Federal COVID Relief Funds, breaks down its spending recommendations into multiple categories:

– Educational Uses
– Small Business & Economic Uses
– Infrastructure Uses
– General Budget and Public Uses
– Senior Citizen Uses
– Civic Uses

After seeking to dispel the “free money” myth put forward by big-government advocates of Modern Monetary Theory, the report also puts forth suggested guidelines that lawmakers should adhere to, as well as on overview of the federal rules about what kind of spending is and is not allowed.

National highlights as well as a table listing the aid expected for Rhode Island ($1.2 BILLION) and for each of its 39 municipalities ($540 MILLION combined) is also included, as well as a southern New England regional state funding comparison.

The report can be accessed in HTML or PDF format on the Center’s website, here.
About the Center:

The nonpartisan RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity is Rhode Island’s premiere pro-family, pro-growth research and advocacy organization. The nonprofit Center is funded entirely by private tax-deductible donations. The mission of the 501-C-3 organization is to return government to the people by opposing special-interest politics and advancing proven market-based solutions that can transform lives by restoring economic competitiveness, increasing educational opportunities, and protecting individual freedoms.
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