Senator Melissa Murray, Democrat representing Senate District 24, an embarrassment to Woonsocket & North Smithfield

Senator Melissa Murray, Democrat representing Senate District 24 (Woonsocket and North Smithfield, RI) showed her utter immaturity recently by displaying an image of herself wearing a mask riddled with profanity while proudly displaying her ‘papers please’ COVID-19 Report Card.

As democrats across the country relish in the stolen election of 2020, they feel empowered to act like children and at every opportunity impose their values upon everyone. This is no more obvious than the current effort nationally to pack the US Supreme Court in order to completely destroy the checks and balances instituted by America’s Founding Fathers in order to usher in Marxism, and Murry is an excellent local example.

The image shown was sent to the Rhody Report and originated from Murray’s Instagram account.

The adults who reside in North Smithfield and Woonsocket Rhode Island should be ashamed of their state senator. Truly unbecoming of a state office holder. We encourage all of our readers to contact Murry and express their disdain for her childish display.

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