Sources which accurately alerted the Rhody Report of riots at Providence Place Mall last night state Garden City Cranston and/or Warwick Mall is next, today June 2nd

Reports regarding riots in Warwick and Garden City are legitimate. Additional reports from businesses in Pawtucket claim police are calling businesses and telling them to be prepared.

Emailed tips to the editor of the Rhody Report which accurately predicted the riots at the Providence Place Mall yesterday say that the businesses that operate in Garden City Center, Cranston and/or the Warwick Mall are the next target of rioters and looters tonight, June 2nd 2020.

These tips are again substantiated by social media posts:

Gina Ramondo alerted of looting june 2 2020
looting warwick mall rhode island drudgereportri
nex warwick mall and garden city cranston Rhode Island looting drudgereportri

Others are asking if this is simply a smoke screen:

It is important to stress that these are anonymous tips to the editor of the Rhody Report and substantiated with only social media postings. Although there may be no need for concern, the Rhody Report wants to make the citizens aware of the possibility so that the good people of Rhode Island have an opportunity to be prepared.

All citizens of Cranston and Warwick should prepare for the worst this evening while we all hope for the best. Please be careful tonight if in fact this event (or events) take place. If the rioting and looting unfolds as it did last night, it is apparent that the policing forces of Rhode Island and the political leadership have little desire to protect you and your property in the Ocean State.

Please help FIGHT BACK against the MSM propaganda: