The Marxists of the Rhode Island Departments of “Commerce” & “Health” send out letter to RI businesses, guess what’s missing? Any mention of death or serious harm from COVID, Delta, and Omicron. More fear mongering from fascist Democrats.

Here is the latest propaganda from the RI Democrat Marxists:

Dear Business Owners and Managers,

Thank you for everything you have done [been forced] to help slow the spread of COVID-19 [which clearly hasn’t worked seeing we are one of the worst states in the country in this regard]. We know the pandemic has been extremely challenging for businesses across the state. Your partnership has been crucial in promoting the safety and well-being of your employees and customers and in keeping our economy going.

The COVID-19 response remains a high priority as the changing virus remains a threat to Rhode Islanders and our neighbors across the country. Rhode Island has been experiencing high COVID-19 community transmission since August 2021 and we have seen the transmission rate increase during the month of December. With the identification of expected [better yet, hoped for] new variants, people spending more time indoors, and the high rate of community transmission, hospitalizations in Rhode Island are predicted to increase in the coming weeks and into early 2022. Although the dominant strain of COVID-19 is the Delta variant, a new variant, [flu-like lethal, immunity giving] Omicron, has been identified in Rhode Island and is expected [hoped for so fascist democrats can take more of your freedoms away] to cause a significant number of COVID-19 infections in Rhode Island within the coming weeks and months [which always happens to every virus, so the perfect excuse to acclimate you to the Democrats’ “New Normal”]. In addition, Rhode Island and other states have experienced early influenza outbreaks [Fascist BONUS!] with a strain of flu known to be associated with more hospitalizations and deaths in people age 65 or older. This is why it is important to implement strategies to keep your staff and customers safe and your business thriving [customers heading to other, less fascist states].

We know you may have questions about implementing mitigation measures and ensuring a successful holiday season for your business. The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) and our State partners remain committed to supporting your business’s short-term and long-term needs. [OR ELSE!]

In September, a letter was sent to businesses across Rhode Island, which included information about four key prevention strategies [reminders we rule over you and your business] that would help ensure that Rhode Island reopened safely: masking, vaccination, testing, and ventilation. We know these mitigation strategies work [a lie]. Studies show that wearing a high-quality mask can decrease transmission by 70% or 80% [no balanced proof given, ever]. RIDOH has updated some of the resources that are available for you and that can help you make decisions about how to keep your staff and your customers safe. Click below to view the complete guide which lists/shows you the most current RIDOH resources for business owners.

Thank you,

Rhode Island Department of Health in cooperation with Rhode Island Commerce

* All text in italics above was added by the editors of the Rhody Report

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