The Rhody Report Highlights, March 2021

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Apparently, as goes Rhode Island so goes the country.  Our prior governor, Gina Raimondo, sank our beautiful state into the depths of stagnation, and apparently to Democrats, this is clearly seen as a victory.  Therefore, they wish to do the same for all of America that Gina has done for us.

It is truly an outrage.

Let us share with you the top headlines that point to the true nature of current events throughout Rhode Island and America that you will only find on the Rhody Report:

RI GOP Conservative Caucus: Inclusive Sex Ed Bill is “Gross Infringement on Parental Rights” URI found that 64% of their COVID positive cases came from Greek life!! [They must have forgot to mention that none died or were even significantly harmed by it]
Rhode Island Act On Climate bill gives incentives for busybodies to legally harass their neighbors by imposing their environmental religion upon them Peter Alviti shamelessly uses Rhode Island’s CapitolTV to promote robbing more from struggling families to line the pockets of his handlers – Reporter asks, “Should private industry be promoted by Government Media?”
YES! DO IT! Bristol Fourth of July Committee plans for full celebration BOOM! Two Rhode Island State Senators Call for ALL Children To Be Left Behind

John Donegan & Jessica Marino of Cranston City Council cosponsor stabbing minorities in the back by supporting 3-year moratorium on charter schools in Rhode Island

[VIDEO 52:20] Common cold causes 3% false positive for COVID virus. RI positivity rate is below 2% – [RR] END THE LOCKDOWN!

The fight for privacy rights happening right here in Rhode Island: Gaspee Project v. Mederos

Racist Anastasia Williams upset that not enough people who look like her are being vaccinated

Get ready for prejudice to permeate lawmaking for the next four years: RI Senate Approves Bill Aimed At Closing Gender, Racial Pay Gap

The propaganda machine is breaking down: WJAR-10’s Parent Company Sinclair Cutting 5% of Workforce

Clueless union officials who worship monopoly & government think they can threaten ‘full force’ to prevent Lifespan-CNE merger layoffs

Free speech will not be silenced.  Thank you for your support.

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