The Rhody Report is Building a Social Media Street Team – Are You Ready To Become a Rhody Report Rebel & Finally Fight Back Against the RI Establishment Propaganda Machine?

The volunteers of the Rhody Report only have a presence on Twitter seeing we boycotted Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other platforms since the 2020 election, therefore no longer have a presence on most social media platforms. We encourage EVERYONE to do the same, but if you have not, WE NEED YOU.

Please join the Rhody Report Social Media Street Team TODAY!

As goes the Rhody Report, so goes every patriotic effort to save the Ocean State.

As the Rhody Report evolves to reach the intelligent patriots of Rhode Island, the more successful EVERY good-government, pro-America effort in RI will benefit. By supporting us, you are not just elevating a single organization’s efforts to save our children from the progressive/Marxist hell that all but seems inevitable in RI, you shine a spotlight on EVERY effort to save the future for our children and grandchildren. A light that will not fade once a single effort succeeds or fails as we see so often, but a light that will shine bright perpetually, ready to expose corruption and anti-American efforts in the Ocean State, while also offering a bullhorn to those fighting for the families, children, and job creators in Rhode Island.


This is where your contribution will help. Because the volunteers of the Rhody Report who work EVERY DAY, MULITIPLE TIMES A DAY to keep this website current do not have the bandwidth (or, quite frankly the desire) to also perpetuate our message on the myriad of social media outlets available today, we need you to do this for us.

Will you help us help all the patriotic fighters in RI?

If so, let us know each time you post a link to one of our headlines on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all other social media platforms you participate that gets shared. Send us a screenshot of your viral (or even somewhat viral) post to We will be posting the top Rhody Report Rebels who will earn badges based upon number of shares and weeks in the top 3! [Only if you choose to be recognized, and aliases are welcome.]

Not sure how to share Rhody Report headlines on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and elsewhere? We have an easy to use (only 4 steps) guide that can be found here.

Join the Rhody Report Social Media Street Team TODAY!

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