This is why we lose

The volunteers of the Rhody Report scan the news and information about the Ocean State at least twice, most often three times a day.  We proactively seek out anything that can bolster pro-family, pro-America values in Rhode Island while also hunting down and cratering all anti-family, anti-individualist efforts in RI.

This week, and organization and activist we adore had an event to bring to light the indoctrination our children are being exposed to in our schools.  The Independent Women’s Forum and its local chapter offered an important event titled “What Your Kids Learn About Gender in School” in order to inform parents and concerned citizens about local efforts to impose gender ideology on our children.

The Rhody Report only became aware of the event AFTER it occurred and only by way of the reporting on the counter protestors, not the event itself.

This is why we lose.

Recognizing of course that the Rhody Report may not be the ideal outlet to announce and inform concerned parents and citizens in Rhode Island of the event, the editor of the Rhody Report contacted members of the many liberty coalitions in RI, and to our surprise many were not aware of the event until it was over and others were made aware of it only days prior to it occurring.

Why was this event not a full coalition effort, complete with a media release that might have properly defined the purpose of the event? Instead, protesters outnumbered concerned citizens by TEN-FOLD, and the left was able to define the event in their own terms, misguided and incorrect as they might be.

This is why we lose.

Democrats, by definition, are followers.  They need not think for themselves or think critically about what they are being asked to advocate, they simply need to be told what to think, what to say, and where to be.

Intelligent, independent thinking individuals are akin to herding cats.  We want to go in the direction of our choosing and often cannot understand why other simply do not follow.

This is the nature of being a strong, independent thinker and we should all be proud of it, but we need to stop allowing this to be another swing of the hammer nailing our own coffin shut.

We will not speculate on the thought process of the event organizers, but we hope that the poor turnout and net negative media coverage of their event brings on some self-reflection in relation to their return on their investment in time and effort.

Having organized such events in the past, the author of this article knows the chore it is to orchestrate such an event … never mind when going it alone. A full coalition effort was needed.

This is why we lose.

Hopefully, those who put forth this effort value success over believing a myth that somehow their effort bore fruit.  It did not.

The Rhody Report has immense respect for those involved in putting on this event.  We will support them whether they proactively inform us of their efforts or not.

But they will fail, we will ALL fail, if they think they can do this on their own.

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