Unhinged Leftists Who Threatened Mike Stenhouse Sends Amateurish Press Release to Rhody Report Announcing Candidacy for District 1 Congressional Seat

Showing a serious lack of intelligence, Paul LeBon of Woonsocket, RI actually sends a press release to the Rhody Report regarding his candidacy for the Rhode Island District 1 Congressional seat. The assumption has to be made that either LeBon does not recall his unhinged email to the Rhody Report, or actually believes we would not remember.

Here is the link to our original, exclusive reporting on LeBon’s threat to Mike Stenhouse, CEO of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

Here is his press release. Unedited for your entertainment. We cited the most obvious errors, how many more can you find? Enjoy!

Woonsocket native Paul LeBon, a veteran of 30 years consulting with Fortune 500 companies, announced his candidacy today for District 1 Congressional Seat.

Paul said the fucs (sic, LOL!) of his campaign will be to focus on being an advocate for bringing jobs to RI. He presented four ideas, the major being that he would advocate with Former Governor and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimindo (sic) to bring a microchip manufacturing plant (known as a fab) to Rhode Island.

“Secretary Raimondo has grants of $3 Billion dollars to give to companies as seed money to build microchips in the US .She has awarded one to Apple to build a plant in Arizona, and to Intel to build a $20 Billion chip fab in Ohio. The Ohio project will employ 7,000 construction workers, and upon completion will start with 3,000 employees with average wages of $130,000 per year. I will ask Secretary Raimond (sic) to collaborate to bring a microchip fab to Rhode Island.  have (sic) worked with several of these manufacturers. I Know their language “


LeBon advocates closing down the Quonset State Airport,  relocating military and private aircraft to the state’s three other airports.

A limited use airport is not the highest and best use of that 750 acres. A chip fab needs a great deal of water; Quonset is on Narragansett Bay and has unlimited water. The plant could operate its own desalination plant, whose by-product brine would not be put back into the bay but could be sold to state and local governments that use brine to pre-treat roads in inter (sic) storms. 

“While a desalination plant consumes a great deal of energy, the plant could establish a wind farm which would make it totally self-sufficient and state of the art.”.

Paul is available for an interview in Woonsocket or via telephone/video call.

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