URGENT MESSAGE from the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition

We all knew this legislative session was going to be a tough one, and that many bad bills were going to be introduced but as we are going through the bills that were introduced this week, they really out did themselves.
The Moms Demand action and RICAGV groups are already doing a victory dance, claiming they have enough votes to get these bills passed. For those of you who think this does not effect you and you are protected by the 2nd Amendment….you are wrong. We are being attacked on the State and Federal level.

The newly proposed legislation affects EVERY SINGLE GUN OWNER! In order to own a firearm and AMMO full release of all tax records, health records, juvenile records…EVERYTHING! The “Mag ban” is a TOTAL GUN BAN by the definitions listed in the language. Full Registration, Permits required to own and purchase….the bills are an egregious attack!

We need to unite; we need to fight back!

This will be the first of many notices that will be sent….forward this to every gun owner you know. Print the documents and post it at your clubs. Everyone has a job to do, no exceptions!

We have provided attachments of all the tools you will need to get in the fight.

The first priority is the petition. Print copies and get as many signatures as you can. 

Deadline: Monday, February 22, 2021

Mail them to:
Federated RI Sportsmen’s Club
PO Box 19682Johnston, RI 02919-0682

Or drop them off at your local gun store, or scan and email to: federatedriinfo@gmail.com (please save hard copies)These petitions will be sent to the RI legislators as well as to Congress to voice our opposition to the devastating HR 127 Bill that essentially wipes out the 2nd Amendment.

Please keep in mind. We have kept quiet on Social media so we do not show our hand just yet, the more of this information we can circulate privately the better chance we have of undermining the well-funded deceitful opposition.

We are just getting started! More information will follow: Bill Breakdowns, letter and testimony templates, and any other pertinent information that arises. Thank you for your help, we know if we can get thousands of people to rally in person, we can get tens of thousands to have their voices heard! 

Please Click on information below.

We the people call to action
Judiciary Committees 2021
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Submitting Testimony 2021 A
Petition 2021
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Let your voice be heard! Stop being a Spectator in Life!! Remember to “Get Involved” these are your Second Amendment Rights at stake.

“All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”

Proudly At Your Service
Michael P O’Neil & Frank R Saccoccio

Used with permission.