Every single anti-gun bill to be heard Friday, March 19th: The most restrictive anti-gun legislation in the country!

This Friday, beginning at 1pm, the Rhode Island House Judiciary committee will be hearing some of the most restrictive anti-gun legislation in the country. As you know there are legislators openly exploiting Covid 19 restrictions and plan to ram these bills unless we all do our part. 

The process to submit testimony, both verbally and written, is very complex so rather than navigate to the Statehouse website we have created a “simplified” process to sign up. Simplified is a relative term since the parameters we’ve been given to work with still present some legwork on your part. Visit the link below and do each of the following:

Click and submit written comments for EACH bill you support or oppose. Click the verbal comments/testimony button to testify verbally. This must be done for each individual bill. Neither written nor verbal testimony need to be lengthy but make your position clear. 

The process for verbal comments involves the committee clerk calling you when it is your time to testify. We need to inundate them with verbal testimony so please keep your phone close by throughout the day. This is a laborious process but we cannot cave because of this difficulty. Our collective voice is undeniably huge. Let them hear it. 
All information located here:

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Let your voice be heard! Stop being a Spectator in Life!! Remember to “Get Involved” these are your Second Amendment Rights at stake.

“All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”

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