Gaspee Project Strikes Again: Mia Ackerman, Alex Marszalkowski, and Ryan Pearson want your gas prices to go up

Reports from residents of Northern Rhode Island indicate that a mailer from the Gaspee Project was received this week that highlighted Mia Ackerman (D – District 45), Alex Marszalkowski (D-District 52), and Ryan Pearson (D-District 19) and their refusal to oppose a major new and highly regressive gas tax in Rhode Island.

Citing out of state activism and their influence on Governor Raimondo, an “unelected regional authority” will set limits on the amount of fuel that can be produced and sold in RI, while imposing a tax on working Rhode Islanders on the energy they need to get to work and make ends meet.

The “Town Crier” cites the fact that not a single legislator in Cumberland is on the side of taxpayers, and this tax only creates a “new slush fund for unaccountable state agencies to use for pet projects and crony deals.

Inside, the Gaspee Project correlates laws such as these as the reason for Rhode Island losing a congressional seat. “Progressive-democrat policies continue to drive families away” headlines the inside fold.

Other officials targeted in the mailer include James Mclaughlin, Robert Phillips, and Roger Picard, all of whom are “among the worst in the state when it comes to preserving your liberties.