In an attack of unprecedented proportions, Twitter restricts numerous Rhode Island pro-liberty, pro-America accounts

It appears as if the political left is getting desperate as the election nears, and Rhode Island is not immune. Many major allies in the fight to bring Rhode Island back to the principles America was founded, the Gaspee Project, the Gaspee Business Network, the Ocean State Current, the Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, and even the RI Women For Freedom Twitter accounts were all restricted today by Twitter.

Upon attempting to view these accounts, a visitor will see a message similar to this:

The result of this action by Twitter means it will appear to followers of these organizations that all of these accounts rudely stopped following back:

This is a powerful blow to those who are fighting for Rhode Island’s future for a number of reasons:

First, unsophisticated followers of these accounts may view the drop off of the account as a voluntary action and choose to stop following back.

Second, oftentimes Twitter accounts automatically un-follow accounts that stop following back, causing a massive hemorrhaging of followers immediately, followers acquired through hard work and patience over years. The decision makers of Twitter know this, and this is likely the foundation of their assault.

Third, and most obvious, it stifles the voice of opposition to the Establishment in Rhode Island at a critical time in our state’s and nation’s history.

It is hard to imagine that all of these accounts at once violated the terms of Twitter. Therefore, it can be reasoned this is a direct assault on pro-liberty groups targeted at Rhode Island.

Are Democrats and the Establishment this desperate? Could this be a sign of what is to come? Is the liberty movement in Rhode Island and the rest of the country gaining such strides that social media fascists are this desperate?

Considering Rhode Island size, the fact it is not a swing state or really even much of a consequence in the election, what would motivate the censors of Twitter to commit such a sweeping blow to the the liberty movement in our state?

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