The Rhody Report challenges the town councils of Rhode Island to establish Freedom of Assembly Sanctuaries throughout the Ocean State

If you are a business owner, work for a business owner, or care for someone who depends upon a business struggling to survive in Rhode Island, you know that the current impositions imposed by Governor McKee, the RI Department of Health, and democrats in general will drive a rift between those business owners you care about and the customers they serve. If you haven’t already, you will soon realize Democrats will not stop until their livelihoods are extinguished.

Over the past few generations, it is clear that the Left in Rhode Island has no regard for the small businesses that create jobs and prosperity for so many in the Ocean State.

It is time for this to stop.

Much like those cities and towns with the courage to challenge the gun grabbers by establishing 2A sanctuaries, it is time to stand up and fight for the obvious and natural right of everyone to associate as they see fit. Businesses thrive when they put their customers first, not politicians. The Democrats in Rhode Island KNOW THIS, and that is why they wish to place businesses in an ENFORCEMENT position of their arbitrary and capricious mandates, knowing enforcement is the conceptual opposite of hospitality.

This solves two problems for leftists in RI:

First, it solves the problem of implementing the huge task of sending out thousands of state goons to patrol businesses in Rhode Island to ensure they are enforcing the politicians’ unconstitutional lawmaking by mandate. This places the clear negative effects of such Nazi-like oppression on businesses and deflects the blame that deservedly should be placed on the state.

And second, it pushes consumers out of Rhode Island and into neighboring states to dine, shop, and conduct business, effectively drawing more revenue out of the state and further pushing already struggling businesses out of existence.

This is a combined win/win for democrats who seek subservience of everyone, except the ultra wealthy in Rhode Island.

So which town council will save the citizens they serve, and create the first Freedom of Assembly Sanctuary City or Town in Rhode Island?

Please help FIGHT BACK against the MSM propaganda: