Thoughts on the Republican debate & Trump interview on Tucker

Forgive me for not doing this sooner, I do not have cable TV so therefore could not watch the debate live. Plus, this project and putting food on the table for my family takes nearly all of my time, so this was a bit of an afterthought. Yet after watching the debate, I thought this analysis was a necessity.

Let’s get the Trump interview out of the way immediately:

The moment he used the smear “Ron DeSanctimonious” I turned off the interview. Trump is clearly going to be the nominee, he is anti-Establishment which makes him qualified and if the election is not stolen for a second time he should return with a vengeance . . . and that is exactly what this country needs. His childish schoolyard name-calling isn’t for me, but people obviously love him for some reason, so beyond allowing traitors to steal another election, he’ll do.

Now on to the vice-president debate (because let’s face it, Trump is the nominee):

Vivek Ramaswamy: Won. Hands down. Trump MUST choose him as a running mate. If he doesn’t, he’s much more of a moron that I’ve ever considered (note, a moron I’d be happy to vote in favor. But still a moron). Vivek is a minority so will appeal to the mindless identity politics driven electorate, a millennial, exudes immense courage, speaks the truth, and understands what it means to be an American. I will vote for him in the primary, and when he loses to Trump I will vote for both in the general election.

I hope you do as well.

Ron DeSantis: Biggest loser. I knew very little about DeSantis going into the debate, yet I felt very comfortable supporting him to the point I would have voted for him above Trump in the primary seeing I saw him as the better candidate mainly because he didn’t buy the bullshit COVID narrative from the beginning. Whereas Trump, either because he is truly this na├»ve or just can’t admit he is ever wrong, still does. So stupid.

Now, that is not the case. DeSantis had the most to lose in the debate, and he lost it. His cowardly avoidance of questions proved he may very well be a man of principle, but still a ballless politician. Sorry Ron, you blew it.

Tim Scott: Came in third, congrats!

Chris Christie: As usual, a Democrat plant willing to be used to attack the most anti-Establishment candidate. You’re a fat loser, please stop being a tool and running for president for all the wrong reasons.

Doug Burgum: Like you! But we’re on a political wartime footing in America. You do not have the stones to do what needs to be done. The Marxist Left would eat you alive.

Asa Hutchinson and Nikki Haley: Milquetoast Establishment politicians, hope you drop out soon.

– Rhody Report Editor

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