Why Countdown to the 1-Year anniversary of Rhode Island’s Lockdown?

Slowly Boiling the Frog in Rhode Island

Countdown to 1-Year of 1-Person Rule in RI

Politicians count on citizens’ inability to remember the power they have taken in order to normalize their actions so they can be reapplied with ease to future generations. Rhode Island, and all states run by radical leftists, are slowly being boiled into submission, and without awareness of the power being taken, America is slowly being transformed into a police state.

The countdown to Rhode Island’s one-year anniversary of the moment Gina Raimondo arrogantly usurped power and control over every person and business in Rhode Island is a stark reminder of the power we have blindly handed politicians.

Ask yourself this:

If Raimondo stated on March 28th, 2020, she planned on controlling by one-person dictate every person and business in Rhode Island FOR A YEAR while favoring her corporate cronies over family businesses and allowing massive crowds of vagrant Marxists to run amok in our city destroying private property and calling for the defunding of the police, would you have allowed it?

Then why are you allowing it today?

The longer we allow the few to dictate the actions of the many, the more power we cede to politicians.

When will we proclaim we are mad as hell and we’re not taking it anymore??

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