Tiara Mack, another Rhode Island Senator acting like a child & stabbing her country in the back

Only days ago, the Rhody Report published an article underscoring the unprofessional, childish, and vulgar display of Senator Melissa Murray of Woonsocket and North Smithfield. Upon publishing this information throughout social media, it came to our attention that another senator, Tiara Mack of Senate District 6 Providence, also shows an equivalent disregard for her office and her constituents by posting another vulgar image on social media. Her display illustrates why all true adults in Rhode Island should stand against her and her political disposition in Rhode Island.

As with so many adult children who seem to have infested modern government, Tiara displays herself wearing a shirt that reads, “FUCK ICE” meaning fuck the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Tiara clearly feels that the American citizens she represents do not deserve to be protected from the murderers who killed thousands on September 11th.

Only a person of the lowest imaginable character and disregard for human life would display themselves as she has, and Mack clearly does it with glee:

When will the honorable Americans of Rhode Island offer the shame that Tiara Mack deserves for her schoolyard, childish, and anti-American behavior? What will it take? When Mack’s policies are enacted and many more Americans are killed, will they hold this lowlife accountable?

Please help FIGHT BACK against the MSM propaganda: